Alternative Worship: Village Presbyterian Church

The Gathering

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We think God is too big to be worshipped in only one way. So, every Sunday night we gather in Friendship Hall. We sing old hymns and new songs with indie musicians and a harmonium. We celebrate Holy Communion every week, admitting our souls get hungry. We believe the laughs of children are as sacred as the preacher's words, and enjoy worshipping with every generation together. And we think loneliness is not what God desires for us, so we often extend the table after worship with cookies and potlucks to actively cultivate community. 

It's worship, as holy as it's always been. And it's "alternative," different than it's ever been. Because our world is different, but our souls still seek the same things. Come, see what's happening here.



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Fall 2019

This is a study of the Prophets. Sometimes the Prophets critique those who do not trust in God, but usually, they are correcting (or reminding) our confused understandings. It’s something all of us suffer from at times. We try to make God smaller, more convenient, tame and palatable in the box of our choosing.

But our God is never stagnant. The prophets try, often unsuccessfully, to push God’s people toward greater faithfulness, curiosity, creativity. It’s in their deep love for the people that the prophets dare us to ask, what if God isn’t who we think She is?

Preaching Line Up:

Sept. 8 | Fire Shut Up in My Bones, Rev. Tom Are, Jr.

Sept. 15 | This is Real Life, Rev. Tom Are, Jr.

Sept. 22 | We’ve Been Here Before, Rev. Tom Are, Jr.

Sept. 29 | Isn’t God Supposed to Bless Me? Rev. Tom Are, Jr.

Oct. 6 | The Infinite and Finite (World Communion Sunday)

Oct. 13 | Rev. Dr. Rodger Nishioka preaching

Oct. 20 | Someone’s Crying, Lord, Rev. Tom Are, Jr.

Oct. 27 | I don’t Care What Other People Think…Too Bad, Rev. Tom Are, Jr.